Custom Catering


When Black Diamond Barbecue was first founded, our goal was to provide people with real Vermont BBQ that was better than any other they had tasted in the New England area. We accomplished that goal by using the best meats, marinades, and rubs and slow-cooking everything we made over locally grown woods. It allowed us to become the go-to BBQ catering company for those throwing events both inside and outside of Vermont. But today, we’ve grown beyond just being a BBQ company and can now offer more than just BBQ dishes

While many of our customers still come to us for our BBQ, Black Diamond Barbecue also offers custom catering services to our clients as well. We have three amazing chefs on our staff who, in addition to cooking traditional BBQ, can prepare Mexican, Chinese, French, and Spanish meals for any themed events you might be throwing. They can also prepare food for raw bars, lobster bakes, and farm-to-table dinners. They’re truly incredible at what they do and can set you up with almost any custom catering you want for your next event.

If you’re not sure what you want to serve to your guests during your event, the chefs at Black Diamond Barbecue are extremely creative and knowledgeable. You can sit down with one of them and talk about your event to come up with the perfect menu. Whether you decide to go with traditional BBQ or opt for something a bit more exotic, you’ll love the food WE make for you and your guests.

Get in touch with Black Diamond Barbecue at 802-888-2275 today to take advantage of our custom catering services. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to look at event photos/videos.